Editor Rebecca Starford once again has given us a delightful taste of the latest and greatest Aussie fiction with New Australian Fiction 2020 (Kill Your Darlings 2020). These regular publications never disappoint. Some stories will appeal more to particular readers than others, but on the whole, the standard is excellent – some edgy and creative narratives and some more traditional but just as enjoyable stories. Pandemic themes feature strongly, as do those of hope and the future.

Some of my own particular favourites from this edition are: Holy Water by Jack Kirne, Orchestra of Animals by Katerina Gibson, So Many Ways by Mirandi Riwoe, The Hands Around Your Neck by Sophie Overett, Floodwaters by Madeleine Watts, After the Stampede by Jack Vening, Among the Ruins by Ka Rees and The Fingerprint by Donna Mazza.

Stories are also included from Elizabeth Flux, Mykaela Saunders, Daria Lebedyeva, Laura Stortenbeker, Claire G. Coleman, Jessie Tu, Laura McPhee-Browne and Maame Blue.

If you want a tasting plate of what’s new and happening in Aussie fiction, grab yourself a copy of KYD New Australian Fiction and see which flavours you fancy.