Well, JP has done it again. In his third chilling psychological crime thriller/suspense, Tell Me Lies (Hachette 2020), JP Pomare gives his readers another nail-biting, fast-paced and tense story full of possible liars, unreliable narrators, intentional deceit and misunderstandings. This is the type of book that you pick up and don’t stop reading until the end.

This author has been getting better with each book. His first two were quite heavily detailed in terms of setting, circumstances and backstories. I feel like this one concentrates more on plot, page-turning questions and characters. As usual, Pomare gives us a great twist and in fact in this book, there is more than one ‘aha’ moment for the reader.

The story features psychologist Margot Scott and her lovely life with her husband and two kids in the suburbs. It opens with a traumatic scene: a woman pushes a man onto the railings of an approaching train, killing him instantly. The question, of course, is why? As the book explores Margot’s personal life and also her interesting clients, all of whom have their own problems, we discover that almost everyone in this book is lying about something, and that unless she can get to the bottom of the mystery, Margot’s family and her freedom are in jeopardy. Fans of JP Pomare will get everything they have come to expect from this writer in this latest story.