The Giant and the Sea (Lothian 2020) is a mesmerising and timely picture book with an intriguing story written by Trent Jamieson and stunning illustrations by Rovina Cai.

This story is about climate change and environmental activism but it is told through the prism of the courage and determination of a young girl who listens to the world around her and has the bravery to stand up to those adults ostensibly more powerful than herself. It is a beautiful, powerful and moving story about a giant who watches the sea, in silence, until she is compelled to speak a warning, and the girl who heeds that warning and tries to save her town. This is such a great story about self-worth and standing up for what you believe in. The illustrations are done in exquisite monochromatic shades of grey, black, brown and gold, reminiscent of artist Shaun Tan. This book will appeal to children and younger readers for the simple tale but also to older middle-grade readers for the appeal of the messages to be found within its pages.