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ABC Radio Mornings, 4 September 2017

with Steve Austin. Listen here…(Begin at 1:37:30)

ABC RN Books and Arts, 3 February 2016

with Kate Evans (introduced by Michael Cathcart).  Listen here…

612 ABC, 6 October 2015

with David Curnow.  Listen here…


Sydney Review of Books, Restless Fictions

“The Promise Seed is the story of a burgeoning friendship between old man and boy, unfolding at an elegant pace as each finds something valuable and necessary in the presence of the other. The emotional stakes are high, and Moriarty allows room for both of these characters to become fully-fleshed, drawing the reader slowly into a world in which the threat of violence is ever present.”  Read more…

The Big Book Club

The Promise Seed starts with a six year old boy in 1944. When his baby sister dies in questionable circumstances he is sent to a home where he lives until his mid-teens.  Read more…


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