A poignant novel by a fresh Australian voice,
The Promise Seed will move and
mesmerise you.

This is a beautifully paced debut … it’s a thoughtful portrait of friendship, family and loneliness, and Moriarty’s finely drawn characters … bring levity and pathos to a sombre but moving story.

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Parting Words is a gripping story that exposes family silences, and questions how well we really know those close to us.

…a beautifully written opening scene; and a cast of lightly drawn characters. This is a nuanced love letter to parents who have passed on; something that will no doubt resonate with many.

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The development of Cass’ third novel is assisted by a grant gratefully received from the Australia Council for the Arts.

Cass Moriarty writes movingly about family, friendship, love and relationships, exploring the themes of loyalty, loss, betrayal, guilt, redemption, grief and the importance of forgiveness.

Her stories feature histories, memories and secrets and the way in which troubled families function.

Moriarty explores family secrets, polite societal conventions, love, loss and expectation with truth, compassion and genuine feeling.

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Call my agent!

I’m thrilled to announce that my work is now represented by literary agent Alex Adsett of Alex Adsett Publishing Services. I’m a long time admirer of Alex’s dynamic personality, her strong and ethical professionalism and her encouraging and uplifting manner. I’m very excited to join her list of talented authors and to begin imagining and planning for the future. Alex Adsett Publishing is on fire and achieving great things, and I look forward to a productive, mutually beneficial working relationship.

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Dead Man Switch – Tara Moss

Best-selling author Tara Moss is a sought-after public speaker, an advocate for women’s and children’s rights, a UNICEF Ambassador for Child Survival AND an accredited private investigator. But her career as an author began 20 years ago with her debut novel Fetish, and she has returned to her crime writing with a new series featuring a dashing, fabulously stylish heroine, PI Billie Walker, in her novel Dead Man Switch (Harper Collins 2019).

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Silver – Chris Hammer

After being a journalist for 30 years, Chris Hammer’s second novel Scrublands took Australia by storm, and now he has released the sequel Silver (Allen and Unwin 2019). Although this crime story can be read as a stand-alone, readers of Scrublands will delight in the fact that Silver continues the story of journalist Martin Scarsden and his new girlfriend Mandalay Blonde. Mandy and her young son Liam were memorable characters in the previous book and it is gratifying to see their backstories and lives fleshed out even more in Silver.

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