A poignant novel by a fresh Australian voice,
The Promise Seed will move and
mesmerise you.

This is a beautifully paced debut … it’s a thoughtful portrait of friendship, family and loneliness, and Moriarty’s finely drawn characters … bring levity and pathos to a sombre but moving story.

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Parting Words is a gripping story that exposes family silences, and questions how well we really know those close to us.

…a beautifully written opening scene; and a cast of lightly drawn characters. This is a nuanced love letter to parents who have passed on; something that will no doubt resonate with many.

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The development of Cass’ third novel is assisted by a grant gratefully received from the Australia Council for the Arts.

Cass Moriarty writes movingly about family, friendship, love and relationships, exploring the themes of loyalty, loss, betrayal, guilt, redemption, grief and the importance of forgiveness.

Her stories feature histories, memories and secrets and the way in which troubled families function.

Moriarty explores family secrets, polite societal conventions, love, loss and expectation with truth, compassion and genuine feeling.

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I’m so excited to be sharing some positive news in this time of uncertainty. Once again, Avid Reader Bookshop is thinking ahead in terms of ways to continue important (life-saving?!) engagement between authors and readers. Avid has set up a Zoom series of online author in-conversation events. These will be live-streamed, with the audience able to ask questions at the end through the text function on Zoom (easy!) which will then be answered by the featured author. It’s not the same as being in store (you have to supply your own wine and cheese!) but in this chaotic time, it is definitely a safe and socially distant activity in which you can participate, keeping you involved with the literary community, supporting authors, booksellers and publishers, and you can do it all from the comfort and privacy of your own home! The first Zoom event will be held on Tuesday 24 March from 6.30pm to 7pm and will be a FREE TRIAL event with Avid’s Fiona Stager and I discussing NEW AUSTRALIAN FICTION.

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The Loudness of Unsaid Things – Hilde Hinton

In The Loudness of Unsaid Things (Hachette 2020), Hilde Hinton has created two unforgettable female characters with distinctive voices who will each clutch at your heart. In this meandering tale of loneliness, isolation and connection, Hinton’s prose is simple, evocative of the time, and impossibly sad. But just when the heartbreak becomes almost unbearable, small slivers of light shine rays of hopefulness and optimism.

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Stone Sky Gold Mountain – Mirandi Riwoe

Stone Sky Gold Mountain (UQP 2020) is the latest work by author Mirandi Riwoe, whose stunning novella The Fish Girl (shortlisted for The Stella Prize) subverted a traditional narrative in a retelling from the perspective of a character normally silenced. In her new novel, Riwoe again focuses on the stories of those who historically have not had their voices heard in the dominant narrative. The result is a well-crafted, beautifully written, character-driven story that immerses us deep into Australia of another era and acquaints us intimately with those the history books have largely ignored, or who have otherwise been written as tired tropes or stereotypes.

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