A poignant novel by a fresh Australian voice,
The Promise Seed will move and
mesmerise you.
This is a beautifully paced debut … it’s a thoughtful portrait of friendship, family and loneliness, and Moriarty’s finely drawn characters … bring levity and pathos to a sombre but moving story.
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Parting Words is a gripping story that exposes family silences, and questions how well we really know those close to us.
…a beautifully written opening scene; and a cast of lightly drawn characters. This is a nuanced love letter to parents who have passed on; something that will no doubt resonate with many.
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The development of Cass’ third novel is assisted by a grant gratefully received from the Australia Council for the Arts.

Cass Moriarty writes movingly about family, friendship, love and relationships, exploring the themes of loyalty, loss, betrayal, guilt, redemption, grief and the importance of forgiveness.

Her stories feature histories, memories and secrets and the way in which troubled families function.

Moriarty explores family secrets, polite societal conventions, love, loss and expectation with truth, compassion and genuine feeling.
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Cass Moriarty

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Christmas wishes

The holiday season is upon us and I wish everyone a safe and peaceful Christmas, a relaxing break, and an enthusiastic start to the new year. Books are the best Christmas presents so my advice, you’re welcome, is to have a small stash of signed books from different genres wrapped and ready for that guest who arrives with an unexpected gift! Instead of searching for an unopened box of chocolates or bottle of wine, you will have a great book gift ready to go. Choose a selection from crime, literary, poetry, romance, YA, picture book, sci-fi or spec-fic, non-fiction, memoir or historical fiction and you will have every possible book lover covered. Check out my recommendations under ‘WHAT AM I READING?’ for some ideas.

Events are coming to a close for the year but do keep checking the Avid Reader website along with other bookshops to see what is happening when. And the new year is sure to be packed full of opportunities to meet your favourite authors and join them in conversation about their work.

I look forward to seeing you soon! Happy reading and writing, everyone. X

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What Am I Reading?

A Brief Affair – Alex Miller

Australian author Alex Miller has twice won the Miles Franklin Literary Award and yet I’m ashamed to say that his latest novel A Brief Affair (Allen and Unwin 2022) is the first of his I’ve read. (So many books! So little time!) But I’m very glad I did finally stumble upon his writing (thank you Fiona Stager for pointing me in his direction).

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Terms of Inheritance – Michelle Upton

Michelle Upton’s debut novel Terms of Inheritance (Harper Collins 2022) begins with a fascinating premise that diverges into the dynamics of a family struggling with secrets. The story is witty, warm-hearted and satisfying, the writing is well-crafted and the dialogue is spot-on. Upton has created characters that will be immediately familiar to readers; your will see your family members, your friends (or perhaps even yourself!) in at least one.

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