A poignant novel by a fresh Australian voice,
The Promise Seed will move and
mesmerise you.
This is a beautifully paced debut … it’s a thoughtful portrait of friendship, family and loneliness, and Moriarty’s finely drawn characters … bring levity and pathos to a sombre but moving story.
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Parting Words is a gripping story that exposes family silences, and questions how well we really know those close to us.
…a beautifully written opening scene; and a cast of lightly drawn characters. This is a nuanced love letter to parents who have passed on; something that will no doubt resonate with many.
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The development of Cass’ third novel is assisted by a grant gratefully received from the Australia Council for the Arts.

Cass Moriarty writes movingly about family, friendship, love and relationships, exploring the themes of loyalty, loss, betrayal, guilt, redemption, grief and the importance of forgiveness.

Her stories feature histories, memories and secrets and the way in which troubled families function.

Moriarty explores family secrets, polite societal conventions, love, loss and expectation with truth, compassion and genuine feeling.
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Cass Moriarty

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Books: the perfect lockdown antidote

With most of the country in and out of lockdown or quarantine, at least we all have books to provide some escapism from our lounge rooms. Stories about other places and other times will take you away when you most need it. Your ongoing support for authors by buying or borrowing or recommending your favourite books is helping to keep the literary community thriving, including booksellers and publishers. Read a book. Buy a book. Borrow a book. Recommend a book. Join a bookclub. Subscribe to a literary journal. Follow authors you admire on social media. Be a good literary citizen. Covid, vaccinations and lockdowns have unfortunately been divisive but we can all agree that STORIES ARE MAGIC and BOOKS ARE ESSENTIAL. Happy reading.

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When Things are Alive They Hum – Hannah Bent

Ultimo Press is a new publishing house that has been operating for about a year now, making its mark as a striking new presence in the literary landscape and signing some amazing authors. What a delight to read what I believe was its first officially published novel When Things are Alive They Hum (Ultimo 2021) by Hannah Bent. The cover, with its bright blue butterfly wings and splashes of silver foil, gives an indication of the magic within its pages. This story is an intense, confronting, heart-warming, vulnerable, moving tale filled with ethical and moral questions, written in beautiful literary language that is a joy to read.

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The Dressmaker’s Secret – Rosalie Ham

The Dressmaker’s Secret (Picador 2020) is a sequel to the best-selling novel The Dressmaker, by Rosalie Ham, which was also made into a successful film. Both books are written with a quirky small-town quality, peopled by eccentric characters and fuelled by a twisting plot. I absolutely loved The Dressmaker and this follow-up book is a satisfying resolution to the narrative arcs of some of the best-loved characters in the first book.

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