A poignant novel by a fresh Australian voice,
The Promise Seed will move and
mesmerise you.
This is a beautifully paced debut … it’s a thoughtful portrait of friendship, family and loneliness, and Moriarty’s finely drawn characters … bring levity and pathos to a sombre but moving story.
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Parting Words is a gripping story that exposes family silences, and questions how well we really know those close to us.
…a beautifully written opening scene; and a cast of lightly drawn characters. This is a nuanced love letter to parents who have passed on; something that will no doubt resonate with many.
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The development of Cass’ third novel is assisted by a grant gratefully received from the Australia Council for the Arts.

Cass Moriarty writes movingly about family, friendship, love and relationships, exploring the themes of loyalty, loss, betrayal, guilt, redemption, grief and the importance of forgiveness.

Her stories feature histories, memories and secrets and the way in which troubled families function.

Moriarty explores family secrets, polite societal conventions, love, loss and expectation with truth, compassion and genuine feeling.
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Cass Moriarty

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Launches and events!

I’m diving headfirst into events and launches and could not be happier to be once again involved with the beloved Aussie lit community. The 2022 Queensland Literary Awards was a night filled with enthusiasm and admiration for the winners and shortlisted authors in all categories, and a big cheer for every author who entered a book, fiction or non-fiction.

This month I have conversations with the award-winning author Angela Meyer to discuss her novel Moon Sugar at Avid Reader, and the following week don’t miss Jane Harper at The Old Museum to chat about her latest crime novel Exiles. More events to come. Check the events page for details and bookings. Happy writing and reading to everyone for the second half of 2022!

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What Am I Reading?

Cautionary Tales for Excitable Girls – Anne Casey-Hardy

The title of this book Cautionary Tales for Excitable Girls (Scribner 2022) is exactly what is says: warning stories for adventurous females. In one sense it’s an old-fashioned expression but do not let that fool you! This collection of short stories by debut author Anne Casey-Hardy is bright and sparkling like a jewelled crown, but step too close and those gemstones are sharp and cutting.

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Moon Sugar – Angela Meyer

Author Angela Meyer has a reputation as a writer who creates stories with shifting genre boundaries; stories with heightened passions and senses; stories that are set in a world we know but also give us glimpses of magical fantasy combined with scientific possibilities. Her latest novel, Moon Sugar (Transit Lounge 2022) is absolutely true to form – a mind-bending and complex tale of sexuality, identity, esotericism, mind-altering drugs, cults, sex work and the power of imagination, wrapped up in a kind of crime/chase/mystery that propels the reader along at a fast pace. There is a lot to unpack in this novel; Meyer strays down various paths of curiosity and the reader is never quite certain where the characters or the story will end up.

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