Who knows what the new year will bring? If I’ve learnt anything in 2023, it’s to expect the unexpected. Let’s all do what we can, when we can, to help each other and make the world a better place, but not beat ourselves up if it doesn’t work out as we hope. Let’s default to kindness and optimism, love and generosity, fun and friendship. Let’s all read more books and share them if we love them. To all the writers, let’s all try and write some good words, but not be despondent or feel overwhelmed if we don’t achieve our own expectations. To those lucky enough to be publishing books in 2024, congratulations and I hope I have the honour of reading your work. Let’s thank our librarians and our booksellers for sharing their knowledge. Let’s honour the work but recognise that life happens and sometimes we need to roll with it. I wish you all a very happy and successful new year, whatever that means for you.