Due to personal circumstances, my events calendar has been empty for several months now. I miss interacting with authors – hosting events and launches, participating in panels and judging awards. My reading has slowed significantly (those of you who follow my reviews will have noticed they are few and far between lately!) But reading remains a great joy, an escape from reality and a chance to walk in the shoes of others. Books are a soothing balm when so much else seems to hurt. Until I regain my mojo, I am relishing in the success of writer friends who are publishing, winning awards, garnering positive reviews and selling books. I’m equally loving stories of writers making progress, finishing projects, reaching personal goals and continuing to engage in the creative pursuit of writing which is often simultaneously immensely frustrating and outrageously, impossibly fun. And I’m enjoying keeping up with all the literary news, gossip, scandals and achievements. Wishing you a brave, hopeful and satisfying year ahead. Whether you are a reader or a writer, thank you for your continued support of the arts, particularly Australian literature.