Amidst all the fear and justifiable concern around the virus, protective measures, panic-buying and mass gatherings, everyone will be hit hard by this crisis, at least economically even if not directly health-wise. Spare a thought for all those authors with new books coming out this year, whose launches and book tours may now be postponed or cancelled. Think about all those literary festivals that won’t go ahead, and the authors/publishers/booksellers who rely on such events to promote their work. While this disruption is necessary, there are things you can do to support the book industry. Self-isolation is the perfect time to read more books! Books can be ordered and delivered online without fear of infection. Books are a great gift for those stuck at home and a great distraction for both children and adults from the pandemic information overload. Social media is ideal social distancing. If there is a book you love, share it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…promote your local bookstore and link to your favourite authors. People will keep reading (in fact, I’m sure we’ll do more of it) but spreading the news about new and favourite writing will help keep the literary industry afloat. Amidst the anxiety, let’s all be kind to ourselves by reading more books.