Forbidden Doors (Lorikeet Ink 2023) is the second anthology of short stories by a group of writers who met at GenreCon 2019 and have once again collaborated on a collection of stories from a range of genres including speculative fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, romance and crime.

Professionally edited by Bianca Milroy, the stories share the theme of forbidden doors, in whatever way each author has chosen to represent this, either literally or metaphorically. My favourite from this collection is Jodie Woodward’s Nearer Than the Door, a feminist historical tale with a feisty and courageous woman at the centre. Other favourites include Captives by Kat Carr and the chilling Marigold’s Room by Alyssa Mackay. But that of course is down to subjective, personal taste. Other readers will enjoy different stories. I especially recommend this collection to those who like sci-fic, supernatural or fantasy/gothic themes.