Overland describes itself as ‘progressive culture since 1954’ and every issue is a strong mix of thought-provoking, sometimes controversial or confronting, ‘pushing the boundaries’ writing.

Overland Issue 239 (2020), edited by Evelyn Araluen and Johnathan Dunk, explores health care systems, psychological health, healing, wellness, connection and care. There are essays on hospitals and schizophrenia, refugee detention centres and antidepressants; a selection of poetry by poets including Tony Birch and Grace Lucas-Pennington; creative fiction that includes an interview with a granite boulder, a lovely piece about secondhand books and a piece called ‘Everything Else is Just Clouds’ by Benjamin Mason; and artwork by Sam Wallman. Other contributors include Chloe Adams, Dashiell Moore, Zoe Kingsley and Jaya Savige.