She is Haunted (Allen and Unwin 2021) is a collection of stories by debut Chinese/American/Australian author Paige Clark. These vignettes focus on the minutiae of daily life as well as exploring grand themes such as transnational Asian identity, intergenerational trauma, and the effects of loss and grief. This is a contemporary, literary, slightly experimental work that asks questions and allows the reader much space to contemplate their own answers.

The stories are funny and fantastic, devastating and dangerous, cryptic and clever, poignant and punishing, weird and wonderful. They share an exploration of love, empathy, family, recognition and connection. If you love highly literary, occasionally ambiguous short stories that embrace white space or alternatively search for the tiniest details under a literary microscope, then this book will appeal. I was sometimes frustrated by investing in a character only to have their story come to an end, but I suppose that is often the nature of short stories. This book definitely provokes thought and gives the reader opportunities to consider issues around tender relationships, dramatic and poisonous dynamics, ethical dilemmas and identity politics.