I wrote the foreword for Weaving Words: Women About Women, an anthology of short stories by an online writing group, so my full review is really encased in that foreword. But briefly, this is a collection of 13 works by eight emerging authors, instigated by their passion for words and their creative pursuit to publish their work. Weaving Words is a wonderful example of women lifting up other women, of writers supporting writers and of a community coming together to fulfil their ambitions and dreams. I admire the diversity of stories (literary, memoir, humour, mystical, crime) and the themes traversed (love, greed, jealousy, family, history, foreign lands, missed chances, grief, self-identity), and the diversity of the women who have contributed: Maria Frino, Maria Issaris, Conchita GarSantiago, Maree Walk, Joanna Makris, Adelaide Hunter, Irina Gladushchenko and Marjorie Banks. This group is determined to work together to develop their skills and confidence, and benefit from mutual support. What a refreshing and empowering project! Also available as an audio book.